Economic Research and Development Support Center is Your Partner for Change

Your Partner in Building Momentum.
ERDSC was founded in 2004 and now is one of the leading Armenian think-thanks, providing expertise, advocacy and policy consultancy services to international organizations, national government and government bodies, regional and local authorities of Armenia in areas of social-economic development and foreign trade promotion, empowerment of women and youth entrepreneurship, healthcare and social services, sustainable rural development and poverty reduction. We offer comprehensive services covering researches and studies, trainings and capacity development activities, policy advice and advocacy, access to information and awareness raising.
Your Partner with Innovative Approaches.
As a recognized partner for our international development and governmental clients, we ensure the needed link between citizens, including the marginalized and most vulnerable groups, and policy makers, providing knowledge-driven advice and innovative solutions to the existing problems. Working in the international development context and cooperating with state bodies on a daily basis, requires constant improvement of our services, adaptation to the existing environment and finding innovative and creative ideas for sustainable growth. We are proud to use the know-how gained in numerous assignments in social-economic development of Armenia.
Your Partner with Extensive Experience
Since its foundation, ERDSC has successfully undertaken over 125 projects all over the Armenia in the areas of social-economic policy, agricultural development, SME development, trade and export promotion, sustainable rural development and poverty reduction, women empowerment and human rights protection. As a trustworthy partner for international, public and private organisations, with its resources and energetic, creative and qualified experts, we are close to society and our partners, providing the needed link between citizens, including the marginalized and most vulnerable groups, and policy makers.
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ERDSC has developed a successful tracking history throughout its activity by implementing numerous projects all over Armenia. We are proudly participating and managing projects directed to the improvement of social-economic and business environment of Armenia and poverty eradication.
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