Member of the Agricultural Alliance of Armenia
22 July 2019 – From the very beginning of its operation, Economic Research and Development Support Center implemented projects and analysis in agricultural sector, aiming to identify main bottlenecks of sector development in the country and to introduce the international best practice. Activities of ERDSC in agricultural sector included also supporting the state institutions in development of relevant policy, strategies and implementation mechanisms.
Taking into consideration the reach history and current activates in the agricultural sector, ERDSC applied and became a member of Agricultural Alliance of Armenia on 22 July 2019.
The Agricultural Alliance of Armenia is a volunteer base multi-stakeholder national platform aiming at creating a partnership and advocacy in the sector of agriculture in Armenia. It is a joint commitment of civil society organizations working towards agricultural development in the country.
Aims of the Alliance are to provide joint advocacy and lobbying on policy making and legislation improvement, exchange information and best practices; creating multi-stakeholder learning environment and act as a mediator between farmers and Government to enhance the Agricultural policy dialog.