The overall objective of the project is to contribute to the protection of children labour rights and exclusion of possible work trafficking, by increasing awareness and skills of high-school students, parents, teachers and employers.

Project 23
The overall objective of the Project is to provide support to the Armenian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI) in digitalising the production of Certificates of Origin for exporters. This will contribute to the broader e-governance effort in Armenia and should help reduce opportunities for corruption in the certification process as well as increase efficiency and reduce costs for business wanting to export goods.

project 25
The overall objective of the project is to create economic and employment opportunities and diversify economies in Armavir marz of Armenia - creating business opportunities for progressive young adults, equipping start-ups and growing SMEs with contemporary business skills and competences, facilitating access to finance and markets, providing relevant skills and promoting sustainable employment. 

The purpose of the Market Research is to study the potential of the selected focus areas (food processing, tourism and value chain related other sectors) of the project to assess present situation, needs of SMEs, development potential and identify specific measures to be addressed by the project, as well as to analyze the reaction and real expectation of the community members, SMEs, tour operator and other interested parties from the establishment and operation of the Road Side Station (RSS) to shape future activities of the RSS accordingly.

The main objective of the project is to enhance the knowledge on existing and new foreign markets for Armenian export-oriented agricultural crops producers. The study provides the OSCE, the Ministry of Economy and Ministry of Agriculture information about a list of domestically grown agricultural crops, which can be effectively exported from Armenia, as well as analysis of existing and potential trade markets.