Trade and Competitiveness
Since its establishment, ERDSC is actively involved in projects and activities directed to the economic development, trade and export promotion, improvement of business environment, helping state bodies to design and implement relevant policies and strategies.
We also provide support to private sector and to SMEs in particular, by increasing their competitiveness through activities and projects directed to the improvement of their access to information and finance, internationalization of SMEs, development of entrepreneurial skills, etc. ERDSC supports private sector organisations to understand and effectively use trade preferences and free trade regimes provided by trade partners to Armenia.
ERDSC is also actively involved in projects and discussions related to regional economic integration and foreign trade promotion. The organisations conducts studies and researches with the aim to identify main obstacles of foreign trade, participates in discussions and provides relevant recommendations to the state bodies for improvement of foreign trade policies and strategies.
Our team supports also international counterparts and transnational organisations to understand business and investment environment of Armenia, existing investment incentives and helps them to identify sectors and make investments in the country. In general our work falls in the following areas:
  • Foreign trade and export promotion
  • Economic development
  • Trade policy and negotiation
  • Preferential regimes and free trade agreements
  • Foreign investment
  • SME development and competitiveness
  • Food safety and consumer protection
  • Tourism development
  • Non-tariff barriers to trade